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  Urdu Word Net  

CLE Urdu WordNet provides various senses of Urdu words in the following structure.

Concept : ID

POS, denotes the part of speech of that word, ID denotes the Urdu Synset Id; a unique number for each sense entry in CLE Urdu WordNet, Concept gives a short definition of the sense, Example , is an example sentence showing the use of word in the particular sense, and Synset is a list of words having the same POS denoting the same concept.

CLE Urdu Wordnet has been built using the Urdu WordNet 1.0 Wordlist. See the paper, Developing Urdu WordNet using the Merge Approach for further details.

Please enter one word in the input ( ان پٹ ) and then click the Proceed (تخصیص کریں ) button.

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