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  Urdu POS Tagger  

Urdu Part of Speech (POS) Tagger assigns POS tags such as noun, verb, adjective and adverb to each word/token of the input text. This tagger is trained using CLE Urdu Digest Corpus and gives a tagging accuracy of 96.8%. See the CLE Urdu POS Tagset poster for further details.

Please enter your text in the ( ان پٹ ) and then click the button (تخصیص کریں ). The tagger will process the text and will output the tagged files in output text box (آؤٹ پٹ). The maximum limit for the input is 100 words.

  ان پٹ
  آؤٹ پٹ
  دکھائی دینے والا متن داخل کریں
  To get the API of Urdu POS Tagger, click here